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Nutrition is a major driving force for good performance in football but many players are often oblivious to its importance and some are even clueless about it. What many players are well aware of is the importance of good training and what it can do to boost the performance but most of them aren’t aware of the fuel load that good nutrition provides in bringing out the best in them.

This article will show you what to consume each day to better your performance in the pitch. You will be surprised how simple it is to achieve optimal perform in the field by jus following this nutrition guide.

Eating lots of protein:

Proteins have been dubbed as athletes’ best friend due to the physical aid that they provide to your muscles. Protein is an essential nutrient for any athlete to ensure that they grow in stature. They ensure that your muscles are in the right form and continue to increase. Without these nutrients your body would be a hub for various health problems. However the major question to ask is how much is enough each day for your body? This is a subject that elicits mixed reactions and suggestions from health practitioners but generally an athlete involved in hard training should consume one gram per pound body. During days of rigorous training at the camp ensure that you increase this amount and whenever this period comes to an end ensure that you bring the ratio down. Do not consume in excess with the aim of getting bigger because this will follow the law of diminishing returns. This means that you will gain in stature up to a certain point where it starts to decrease. Therefore stick to the recommended ratio and you will be ahead of your game.

Quality protein foods include yoghurt, beef, chicken, cheese, pork, duck, fish, peanut butter and venison. You should bear in mind that protein should be consumed only as supplements and not as the base foods for optimal results.

Say no to junk food:

Many people almost in any part of the world love junk food. However this is not the food for you in the football league. Training for games is usually very involving for players and usually involves the burning of calories. Therefore you need to ensure that you compensate for this loss to maintain the stature. To make up for this junk food is not the thing for you. Go for protein supplements that ensure that each and every calorie lost is fully replenished.

Consume your vegetables and vegetables daily:

Many players detest the idea of eating vegetables with a passion. They are clueless about how important this is to their general health. You need only to consume at least one vegetable a day! Veggies provide you with vitamins, fiber, high water content and acid base balance which ensures that you are in good health. The vegetables to look out for include peppers, tomato, broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, eggplant, and asparagus among others. Use the green vegetables as the base. In addition do not forget to take at least a fruit each day.

Eat fats and oils sparingly:

The following fats are excellent for your body health: eggs, coconut oil, fish oil, krill oil, almonds, walnuts, peanut butter( natural) and extra virgin oil. Some of these oils such fish oil reduce inflammation after games while coconut oil builds testosterone levels.


Players should drink a diluted electrolyte/ carbohydrate solution before during and after a game or training to cater for the water lost in sweat.

All football players are prone to both serious and minor injuries during games and for this reason each player must ensure that they have an EHIC card to ensure that they receive affordable or free treatment in case of any eventualities while on the pitch.

Bendtner Tips Himself for a Move to Real Madrid or Barcelona


You have got to love this kids ambitions but someone needs to quickly tell Nicklas that his dreams are too big and he may be border-line delusional because when you’ve played the football he has played and you believe a move to Madrid or Barcelona is on the cards come January then there is clearly something long.

Bendtner is currently the second choice striker at Arsenal and that is probably because there are only two strikers to choose from.  Continue reading

Arsenal 1 – 2 Dortmund: Thoughts

Firstly I would like to start by praising Arsenal’s unsung hero in Flamini never mind Ozil I feel like Flamini as played a huge part in Arsenal’s rich form this season and he was a great miss in the Dortmund game.

If we look at Arsenals team there was no one who really likes to to do the dirty work like Flamini in the middle of the park, he breaks up the play and provides great cover in front of the defence.

Going forward Arsenal did not look their best but that was great credit to Dortmund for putting good pressure in most areas.

I feel like Ramsay performance was poor and he gave the ball away far to much and I feel like his performances are destined to drop but fair to him but he has punched above his weight a little bit.

Carzola came on and showed what a great talent he is and even clipped the woodwork that had the goal keeper beat but one of Arsenals weaknesses is defending whilst the other team is on the Counter Attack in which we saw one of the best in Europe but it was the same against Aston Villa.

The Problem is they commit a lot of players going forward which is very entertaining to watch but it leaves them  short at the back when the other team is countering.

I think the Arsenal players eyes lit up when they started believing they could win and forget about the threat Dortmund had on the counter and in the end it cost them and now their group is wide open with Napoli, Dortmund and Arsenal all on 6 points.


Arsene Wenger is Ready to Spend big in January


Arsene Wenger has suggested that their big money move for Ozil is not the end of it and fans can look forward to more big money moves in the future transfer windows.

In the past Wenger has been known to keep his hands in his pocket spending low on young players and average players but he changed that on transfer deadline day when he brought in Mesut Ozil.


He has reiterated that although he will be making big money moves that he will still put emphasis on the current system with the academy.

Wenger said: ”The policy is exactly the same – I always want to bring the best players in here, world-class players, at the best possible price.

“And I want to continue to educate 60 to 80 per cent of the squad ourselves. The culture of the club, the way we want to play football and the way we want to behave, comes from within.

“The (Jack) Wilsheres, the (Aaron) Ramseys, the (Kieran) Gibbs – these kind of players have to be the culture of the club.

“Then on top of that, we want to bring world-class players who will help us to be even stronger.”

Ins and outs for the Summer

After a successful season it is time to look at who we need to offload and who can we bring in.

Firstly I will start with Vermaelen who it has been reported could leave for as little as £5m after a disappointing season which saw him sit on the bench for a lot of games after he began the season as the Arsenal’s captain and probably their best defender but with his exit we will need to bring in another defender. A good option could be the return of Kolo Toure who was very good when he played for us. Another good defender is Lovren of Lean who has a touch of class about him and is very good going forward as well as defending.

It seems like Jovetic is going to come to the club for a reported fee of £24 million which is very good as he is so young and could spend many years at the club. He to has got a touch of class and has proved how good he is at Fiorentina but it will be interesting to see how he adapts to the Premier League.

Hopefully Wenger will spend big this summer as the teams around us will be sure to do so and we don’t ever want to qualify for the champions league in such a nervy way again.


Where will Van Persie go?

Now I’m sure most of you know that Van Persie contract is about to end next year and right now he is seen on holiday in island of Formentera, the 28 years old may have a choice as two clubs are already showing signs to sign the international star.

Manchester city and juventus but it’s likely that the star will head off after this season to Manchester city which would pay him a more. Van Persie has been in arsenal for a long time and not had much success in his time, so I’m thinking maybe it is time for him to move on.

Wenger will try his best to persuade in few days when he will be having a face to face talk with the striker; arsenal said that they want £30 million for him but with the one 1 year in the contract is likely to be £20 million.

Here is the list of best arsenal players in my opinion

1. ‘the iceman’ Dennis Bergkamp: dutch player came to arsenal in 1995 but had two disappointing seasons.
2. Thierry Henry: one of the best strickers arsenal had, he was arsenal top goal scorer for almpst every season they had but not much success on winning cups
3. Patrick Vieirahe: joined arsenal in 1996 and has won a lot of cups for teams since then he has 4 FA Cups and became club captian
4.cesc fabregascame: to arsenal in 2003 but left arsenal to barcelona for 29m
5. Jack Wilshere: made his first debut in 2008 at the age of 16, the guy is very young and has a lot of potential

Lukas Podolski has not passed Arsenal medical, says Arsene Wenger

Lukas Podolski has not passed a medical with Arsenal, according to manager Arsene Wenger, despite reports suggesting he was set to sign in a £11 million deal early next week.

The Gunners were widely believed to be keen on recruiting the former Bayern Munich man in January, but Podolski put the brakes on any move as he didn’t want to jeopardise his place in the Germany side ahead of Euro 2012.

Should the Gunners, as expected, finally land their man at the end of the season, it would represent a major coup, as Lazio, Russian moneybags Anzhi Makhachkala, and old club Bayern Munich are all rumoured to be interested in signing Podolski.

Podolski has hit 16 goals in 20 Bundesliga games in the current campaign, and with the 26-year-old’s contract at Cologne due to expire in June 2013, he would be available to sign in the summer at a reduced rate.

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Arsenal news in Brief

Chris samba










We suffered a tragic loss at Swansea after going one up to lose 3-2. From the score line you can see that are main problem is our defence and I would like Wenger to bring in a robust defender maybe Samba?

Onto the good news Jack Wilshere is set to make his return early Febuary and is set to resume full training by the end of January. I think Wilshere will boost our chances of getting into that champions league place as he has been dearly missed and I think him and Arteta will form a great combination in the middle of the park both being very attack minded.

The festive fixture list

The festive fixture list WOW! IT HAS BEEN A WHILE SINCE MY LAST POST.

It has been a hectic time at work; we have had to deal with a tragic accident which has rocked us for six and of course, our students are handing in piles of work to mark, plus all the end of term jazz that comes with college life…

…but I’ll dilvulge, it is also hectic for The Arsenal; who have recovered well from that unforeseen loss at ‘Boro’ at the start of the month. The win over Chelsea was especially sweet, and the guts and determination shown during the Carling Cup win at Blackburn was almost an early Christmas present!

On Boxing Day, it is Harry Redknapp’s Portsmouth; away. A draw would be good, I am going with a 1-1 scoreline, but; Portsmouth’s form has dipped of late, and now might be as good a time as any to play them. Wily old Harry will want the most out of his team this month, as he is losing 5 or so of his better players to the African Cup of Nations. Whilst Portsmouth are by no means unbeatable, I remember one festive fixture a few years ago which Arsenal some how lost – Coventry away – with the aforementioned Keane scoring twice, if my ageing memory serves me correctly…

Then, on the 29th, it is Everton away. Everton are in fine form and could hand us a loss. Arsenal’s recent form at Goodison is not great and Yakubu is getting goals for fun. A draw would again be a great result. I’m going for another 1-1.

New Year’s Day sees West Ham coming to The Emirates stadium, and I think Arsenal will beat a team which have had good results against The Gunners – the 0-1 game last season springs to mind. I think Arsenal will win 2-0. If Ashton is out, then Arsenal should be able to contain West Ham’s forwardline of Cole and Boa Morte.

And then, on the 6th, it is Burnley away in the FA Cup and I am sure Arsene Wenger will play his usual mix of youth and experience; possibly along the lines of his domestic cup 11’s we’ve seen thus far this season. I will go with a 1-2 Arsenal win for this tie.

I hope to do a preview of the Carling Cup tie against Tottenham closer to the 9th. But, no Baptista this time, let’s see what happens today in the Derby.

All I can say now is simply;

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all!

Note: This article has been recovered from Greg Cross, Columnist.